The Statster has Arrived

And he's here to change the way you interact with your customers!

He’s yellow, he’s square, and no, he’s not Spongebob. He’s The Statster! Carefully crafted in the Hometown Analytics lab, this special robot was brought into the world for one purpose: to change the marketing world for the better. The Statster, being quite the generous soul, is eager to share his gifts with business owners everywhere. He’s constantly offering Google Business Photos, Google AdWords, Social Media Development, and a spot in his Business Directory in an effort to help businesses spread their good messages.

As you can see, The Statster isn’t the cold, metal-skinned creature you’d expect him to be. He’s friendly, incredibly intelligent, and well-equipped to handle any business marketing endeavor that your business may have in mind. The Statster’s mission is to enhance the way you reach out to potential customers so that one day, they’ll reach back.